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Polarized Sunglasses Polarized sunglasses for men have always been a key accessory for out on the water, but do you really know the best polarized lenses for city strolling? The best pair of sunglasses for parks and urban adventures are the ones that reduce glare from the sun and improve visibility without causing eye strain.  A good pair of polarized sunglasses use linear polarized lenses that cut glare, have nose pads, avoid eye fatigue and don’t reduce visibility.  Good Value  Some brands like Ray-Ban, may use circular polarized lenses that cut glare and also protect your eyes from UV rays however other brands use both linear and circular polarized lenses to maximize protection from UV rays. These sunglasses are the most effective and also the most expensive, but it’s still possible to find some of the best frame shapes under $100, and even some great wooden frames for under $50.