Are polarized sunglasses better than non polarized sunglasses for men? The quick answer is, yes. 

Out on the trail, Vigor’s Summit sunglasses can help you to see obstacles better on those bright days. Because polarized sunglasses cut glare and improve clarity. This can be especially useful as you look down the trail for loose rocks or other hazards. 

When it comes to men’s sunglasses for sport, Vigor Eyewear makes several styles designed for sport use. In addition to wrap lenses that provide full protection from the sun, the frames are lightweight, and designed to stay on your face during physical activity. 

Run with it

When you’re out on a run, especially on hot days, you need a pair of sunglasses designed to match your high performance lifestyle. The best running sunglasses are designed specifically for sport use, with tough but lightweight frames and lenses that offer full spectrum protection. 

For the best in performance eyewear, polarized lenses offer a superior experience. You’ll notice an increase in clarity thanks to reduced glare and a decrease in difficulty transitioning from shade to full sun, as the polarized lenses take the edge of bright highlights. 

As your eyes relax, thanks to reduced strain due to your new polarized sunglasses, you’ll notice it’s easier to focus on your running with less distractions. 

Or maybe you won’t notice at all, because your new shades have helped you slip into that elusive running flow state you’ve been chasing. 

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