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Let’s Compare Polarized sunglasses aren’t necessarily better than regular sunglasses, but they do have their advantages. That’s because polarized lenses block reflected light, so you can see more clearly when the sun is shining from the side and provide uv protection. Polarized lenses also reduce glare when the sun is directly behind you so you can perform better.  Polarized Activities If you’re going to be boating, skiing, or snowboarding, polarized lenses can make a big difference. Polarized lenses aren’t just for outdoor sports, either. They can be great for driving, especially at night, while you’re looking for a new home, or while you’re shopping. But, it is not secret that a polarized pair of sunglasses are more expensive than regular glass and that it is hard to find a perfect pair of them at a reasonable price. Polarized Wins So, are polarized sunglasses for men better? One drawback of a